Monday, 6 May 2013

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Mumsnet forum

"I've been having fun with this, I've got a new night-time picture showing a bed wth someone sleeping and a new Thursday night picture with a dustbin and the message 'put the bins out'. Lovely as your pictures are I will probably swap them all out for more personal ones. It's a brilliant idea which would also work well for a child." 

Alzheimer's Society forum

"I'm very interested in this clock for my father who has a problem with night and day and I'm finding he gets very confused and rings me at all hours of the day."

"Thanks for a wonderful idea will look at your blog, my mum however does not like electric things left on, can it work just on a battery?"

A: Not as yet - suitable Digital Photo Frames need to be connected to the mains power supply to operate. 

Carers UK

"So clever, especially like the nighttime one. When it is night, mum frequently thinks there has been a power cut..."

"That is really clever. It would have helped my MIL. We tried using stars on a chart to help her keep track of time, but that would have been much better." 

Via email

"I like the idea but have tons of questions, as I am not too 'up' in the tech world."

Alzheimer's Disease International - information and resources for family caregivers

"What a fantastic idea. I work with dementia in -------- and I know that this would be a great asset to lots of sufferers. Well done. How much would this cost to set up?"

A: The cost of a Digital Photo Frame and any external storage media required. 

Caron Cares - post about clocks for people living with dementia

"That’s excellent and very ingenious of you to adapt a digital photo frame to do the same job." 


  1. nice looking clock showing complete details of day, time and date and looks really colorful while changing the dates and time

  2. The idea is very helpful for people of all ages. It show all details like time , date , day and customizable background images.